At present due to works in progress it is difficult to say where to take photos because places are changing every day

In all places you need 300 mm lens even 400 mm sometimes

PLACE A - Terminal 2.












In terminal 2, upper floor (chek-in & departures) there is a "cafeterķa" with big glasses. You can see all the traffic except Terminal 3 (Air Nostrum) but the glasses are brown and very often dirty.

Sun Summer 14 h. to sunset, winter 12:30 to sunset

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PLACE B - Landings 33













You need a car or to take a bus or train to San Fenando (puente de San Fernando) and the walking for 20 min.

Sun Summer Sunrise to 12:30 h., winter sunrise to 11:30 h.

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PLACE C - Landings 33

Drive along the cargo terminals road till the end (security control fence) near Eurest catering terminal

Sun Summer 13 h. to sunset, winter 12:30 to sunset

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PLACE D - Taxiway to RWY18-L

From Barajas Metro station (underground) walk for 5 min towards the tunnel (taxiway is over the road)

Choose left (better) or right hill.

Sun Summer 13 h. to sunset, winter 12 to sunset

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To be out of the fences of the airport is legal and the police or security can not say you to go from a public place. If any problem, try to avoid private airport security and choose to speak with the Police or Guardia Civil. They are at least more polite. From the last years, spotters number is larger and we have less problems.

Anyhow, follow always the Guardia Civil and Police requests.

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Photos thanks to the IBERIAN SPOTTERS