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     We have to explain that this is a private work, so you are going to find only an unofficial  register.  For this we can not be responsable for the use of this information nor ensure the veracity of the data.

      Some of the  photos expossed have copyright and they can not be used for any comercial purpose.

       For a better search you have to know how we have made the study of the spanish register in its diferent registrations systems.

       We have done some groups: the current register, the old registers, the special registers, temporary  and the registrations systems for the microlight and amateur built. Each of the groups have some divisions. See below these lines.

Spanish Registers from 1920



First register (1920-1927) With the mark M- and the letter A, 52 registrations were used untill a small change in the year 1927.

Second register (1927-1931) With the nacionality mark M- and then the letter C, about one hundred regsitratrions were used before changing to the two letterEC- mark in 1931.

First register (temporary 1929-1931) With the nacionality mark M- and then the letter W and three numbers, 25 regsitratrions were used before changing to the two letters EC- mark in 1931.

Second register (1931-1939) The second register used about two hundred registrationos but this time using the new EC-  mark before the arrival of the Spanish Civil War.

Second register (temporary 1929-1936) The second register using this time mark EC-, also registered 48 EC-W plus two numbers registrations before the arrival of the Spanish Civil War.

Civil war register (1937-1940) Nacionalist zone During the Civil War, the nacionalist used at least 10 civil registrations in the old M-C system.
Third register  (1940-1947) After the Civil War, started a new systme from EC-AAA using 119 registrations.
Gliders (1940-1965)  The gliders registered after the Civil War were registered in special series at least till 1965.


Current register The actual spanish register started in 1947, although officially from 1951.

NTU registrations It is not really a register system. It is only a recopilation of intended spanish aircrafts not taken up because of different reasons.


Temporary register Curious system used during near ten years. An EC- and three numbers register was asigned to each aircraft before to get the definitive registration. This interim registration was valid for a maximun of three months.


There are some different registers out of sequence.
Factory registrations (EC-001 a 099) These registrations are still in use for some spanish built aircrafts before being delivered to the customers.
Test flight registrations (ECT-) They were used for airplane spanish certification and other test.
Out of sequence registrations They were some odd registrations used for aircrafts expossed in shows and also as "call signs" for State and SAR aircrafts even when they were not really painted in the aircraft fuselage.
SAR register These registrations were used in the first SAR squadrons at the same time as the military ones. They used EC- followed of athe letter S. In 1978 the civil mark was dropped.
Interim registrations From 1951 and till 1968, some aircrafts wear a temporary registration got from its definitive one booked, changing the first variable letter by a W.


These two system are under construction. We are waiting for help to maintain this section.
Microlights (ULM)   They use  EC- plus two letters and a number at the end.
Amateur built aircrafts Using the EC-Y &  EC-Z series.


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