1- Landings on 25L. The sun is behind you except for the last hours of the day. Airplanes very low in this position, 10 to 5 seconds to touchdown.....and the fence! You can follow all the ILS approach. This site is in a roundabout on the road.


2- Landings on 25L. The sun is behind you except for the last hours of the day. Airplanes over the threshold. 2 fences in front of you. There is a stone bench and lots of people walking by and bycycling. Small tree with a small shade. Some spotters bring theis ladders to be over the fence.


3- Landings on 25R. Airplanes will be over your head.....100 ft (30 m) more or less. You are just at the airport limits, with the fence at your side, but itīs not in your way. PAPI lights are close. This site is in a roundabout.


4- Very far and lots of fences in your way. Airplanes at the holding point for runway 20. Not very nice photos.


5- A bridge over the main road. Mainly used by the trucks going to the airport works. You can see the apron. The sun it to your right. Not good for airplanes taking off from 25R (the sun is in front of you). Need a long telephoto, tripod helpful. Not good on hazy days.


6- Landings on 07L. Airplanes over your head (200 ft = 70 m). You will need a yellow hi vis jacket since you are in the middle of the road. Sometimes the police will be around due to the number of whores that are in the area.


7- Landings on 07L. On the road, heading to Barcelona there is a small road and a place to park. From her you can walk to site 6 (50-100 meters).


8. On the beach there is a small wooden tower, originally for bird watching. You can take shots of airplanes taking off from Rwy 20 and with a long lense the ones landing on 07R. The ones taking off will be retracting the gear or will be entirely retracted. You are more or less on the runway centerline but you wonīt see the rotating since there are some trees blocking the view.


If you follow the road from site 7, but heading to Castelldefels-Sitges you can take head on shots of aircraft appraching 07R. No good places to leave the car and trees in the way.
There is a place, a bit far from the airport when 07L is in use that is QA beacon, at the Castelldefels beach. The antenna is in the middle of the beach. If the wind is 5-10 kts itīs OK, but if itīs higher itīs annoying. Airplanes passing over your head at 1500 ft.
If you want to know flights schedules for today, with info about Madrid, Barcelona, Palma, Reus and Girona:



Text Carlos de la Fuente, translation by Javier Fdez. de Bobadilla & photos thanks to the IBERIAN SPOTTERS